Meet Marianna

Hi I am Marianna,

A Shiatsu therapist, who helps people to overcome all sort of health issues.

What I like to do here to support you energetically on your journey to create a fulfilled and happy life, you love.

I used to be tired all the time before and hardly could complete my daily tasks and do my one job. Now I have more different projects going on at the same time and I can coop with all of them simultaneously without feeling tired, stressed or constantly overwhelmed.

How did I get here?

The first step is to find your purpose and not wondering around in life or be completely lost on your path, because that’s eats up all your energy.

So find your purpose, but how?

The first part of my life I was in the wrong path, because I didn’t connect to myself, my top values and didn’t follow my passion. When I realised this, it was hard to step up and walk away from a strongly protective and caring family. But sometimes you need to change everything, when you are lost. That was me!

I moved to an other country quit my 18 years old successful carrier without knowing anything, just laid my future in my inner guidance’s hand, I followed my intuition, and let her to guide me day by day in my new life.

I arrived in a small town alone without knowing anything about my future. I was fully listening to my inner being as I experienced my thoughts completely misled me before. But this time I knew it was my chance to build up everything from the beginning and do it in the right way.

My first step to help and support people was working in a Nursing Home, where started to taking care of people. I met here with my husband, who helped me to amend all my wounds that my false path caused me. I got back on track and today I  support and help people with Shiatsu on a daily basis. That’s me, who couldn’t even live without help myself before.

Today I can give you consciously a step by step tool to lead you back to your path and develop your connection to your inner-self.

The ‘gold’ that I unearthed from my life experiences is;

1. ‘expert on changes’ as for a long time I didn’t dare to change my life and been stuck.

2. I realised the reason I couldn’t change besides of many I was listening for other people around me instead of my inner guidance, I call it ‘Intuition’. Since this epiphany moment I follow my Intuition, no matter what! It is very strong.

3. I had many diseases, when I was a child and I always found the way out naturally. I healed myself so many times, so now I can heal others.

I love to heal people and mostly that what they ask from me, but what I really really love is messaging to people. I can see their next step or information coming to me that I pass it on.

I love energetic body-work as I’m a strong believer, what is inside that is manifesting outside in peoples’ life. I can see straight away on their body connecting to each chakra, where they are strong or weak and I know a good support can make a big difference. The energy in our body is always changing. The magic happens, when we can not only keep, but balance and improve as well.

Nowadays much more is possible considering changes as we living in a more subtle energy level in the planet, which causes the possibility living magically like never before and the opposite, living in tragedy like never before. I am passionate to support people to change their life, to get to their path and living life purposely. I love changes, but I know we all have the time, when we are ready for it. You just need to prepare yourself step by step.

“My mission is to use all my skills and experiences to support individuals awaken their ancient wisdom or knowledge.”