How can we Level Up our Energies?

Recently the world turned upside down and we all try to level up to be able to overcome actually, which is in front of us day by day. We have no idea what’s happening tomorrow or the next minute. Obviously, it was always the same, but most of us were embedded in a safe environment, which based on our habits, organized environment and safety came first.

But recently it’s more and more visible, all the safety is just an illusion, because so many factors of our life we have no effect, …but how could be scale up and feel safe again. 

Well, my answer is “be comfortable being in uncertainty. Enjoy the changes and any new idea that come to your life.”

As I said most of the events, we don’t have the power to change but we have the power to change ourselves. And we certainly can choose how we respond to anything which come to our experience.

In this world everything is about energy, the highest energy is universal LOVE so we definitely have to keep our eyeballs on that. If you think LOVE is a certain emotion you need to educate yourself, because it is not, otherwise you become a looser, if emotions will lead your life, not you are leading your life through emotions. (Book recommendation: Eric Fromm: Art of Loving)

One of the lowest energies is FEAR, so certainly needs to find the way to dismiss any fear from your life.

But how can we raise the bar? 

Obviously as an energetic bodyworker my palette is very wide, but let me to grab something, which you could start with.

  1. Form some good habits and dismiss the bad ones, make a morning routine. 
  2. If you think you don’t have many habits, I tell you a fact; 
  3. 95% what you do is habit
  4. All habits are brain based
  5. You can create anything you want with the right habits
  6. You are not your habits
  7. The brain thinks habits are survival mechanisms
  8. Will power does not work to break bad habits
  9. All habits start with a single thought
  10. No one gets stuck in thoughts
  11. No thought is more powerful than the brain that created it
  12. Habits go away when you dismiss them
  13. Habit are brain based, not you based
  14. You are not your habits

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