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Change of Life (Menopause as a Natural State of Life)

Challenge Yourself and Overcome All Symptoms of Menopause Naturally

Discover the NEW YOU

Menopause is one of the biggest changes in our life, when the body completely change. It is really hard for some of us, but we don’t really like to talk about it. It’s trendier being fit and looking young forever 😉 Probably, because we can not see the benefits of Menopause, when we are wiser and doing things with shortcuts, which learnt from past experiences.

This Time of the Life we already know ourselves and don’t need to try many different things, because we know already what is good for us and what works or not. But as all type of changes are not easy. I know.., especially when it is all down to the Body. We just need to learn how get wiser, calmer and care ourselves a bit differently than before.

For all these reasons I put together a 21- Days Menopause Challenge, you can get your balance back naturally without any hormonal treatment. You will learn some new habits, and make a practice out of it, tailored for you and tailored by you.

I am just giving you all my four years bumpy road experiences and lots of information, what probably your doctor didn’t tell you as well as techniques to calm your mind, eat healthier and also teach you some special exercises, called Hormone Yoga. So you will gain back your Balance and overcome all your inconvenient symptoms of the Menopause. If I could do this alone, we definitely can do it together.

When you have signed up, you are eligible to be a member in the ‘Change of Life’ Closed Facebook Group, where the challenge will take place. It takes 21 days when I put up a video challenge every weekdays, that you need to action. On Saturdays I will do a live Q&A session, when I answer all of your questions, what came up along the week. Sunday we rest and repeat our practise as every day from now. The fee is £47 for the whole challenge and a year membership in the FB Group where we create a wonderful community to support each other during this Fab year, when all of us can get our balance back naturally.

Cleanse To Heal Yourself!

Is Cleansing a Myth?

A rising belief in the health world is that we don’t need to take special detox measures because the body does so naturally. Some health professionals even go further, saying that class don’t actually cleanse us. This is just backlash from the cleanses of the past that weren’t good for us – the reckless cleansing business of powders, books and programs that weren’t built around how the body works or what the body needs. And so dieticians, nutritionists and other practitioners try to safeguard their patients’ health without realising they haven’t received training in how the body works when it comes to Detox.

What the experts don’t understand is that we’re not only up to daily toxins, we are up to pathogens, viruses and bacteria that are rapidly moving through the population recently.

The experts who claim we don’t need to detox also don’t understand that the high-fat diets mostly everyone eats – balanced diet, trendy paleo, ketogenic or plant-based approaches that emphasise nut butters, oils and soy – don’t allow for the natural processes of detox that professionals say happen on their own. Fat thickens the blood and that inhibits the body’s day to day cleansing ability.

We can’t have it both ways. We can’t tell people to fill the bloodstream with fat, creating an inability for the liver to naturally release poisons on a daily basis, and also say that we don’t need to embark on cleanses and detoxes.

As healthy as a recommended diet may seem because it cuts out fast food, fried food and processed food, if it emphasises fat and protein – no matter if it’s animal protein based or plant based, whether it’s called ketogenic, paleo, vegan or any new term – it is going to make the liver sluggish with its overload of fat.

In all this confusion we need to keep the blood thinner with more fruits, vegetables and leafy greens and lower fat is the only way to stand a chance to detoxing the toxins our bodies create as natural byproduct and waste from their internal processes, never mind detoxing the outside toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

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Instant Stress Reduction

One of the magic wand is meditation when you can empty your mind and your inner Self can finally start to communicate with You. The thoughts that are coming located from a scared place of your being instead of a noisy mind, which is influenced mainly by the outer world.

You are going to be less tired and your actions are becoming more effective. Basically you are becoming more of Yourself and get to know who you really are?

The best thing that I believe there is no like the same meditation experience. Our meditation is always a unique experience which is vary to person to person and also time to time. It’s so exciting as all of us has our unique journey, a deeper and deeper approach to ourselves and Life itself.

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Helping Others Online – Monetise Your Passion

We all have a desire to do what we love, especially if we can share this to others who are benefiting about it.

We just seriously need to play the WHY? game to ourselves to really get to know what is our deepest desire. This is deeply touching experience what we are having with our inner being (Don’t be surprised if you become very sensitive and start to cry as you are going through some deep realisations).

Here is Your Manual:


By finding our WHY and making the connections to our top values we can fulfil our potential and create a life around us that we truly love.

We have only the last step; to Take and that is ACTION to monetise our talent and passion in our digital world with its endless opportunities.